FusionFall Legacy (abbreviated as FFL) is a fan-made, fan-operated remake of the 2009 MMORPG Fusionfall. It was planned to be a faithful recreation of Fusionfall, but the inception of FusionFall Retro, an exact copy of the game running new servers, gave the team much more creative freedom. Legacy will be built from the ground up running on a newer version of Unity Web Player with enhancements to the gameplay, graphics, combat, and structure. The game is currently in development with no confirmed release date.

FFL - new logo

The official FusionFall Legacy logo

History Edit

The FusionFall Legacy project started with Wilttilt, Holiday Hero, G0DPanda and Dex7322. One day, they were messing around with some of Wilttilt's old Unity 3D projects. Somehow, they resorted to the topic of FusionFall, as opposed to just making cool pictures. Then at some point, the group decided they would like to bring FusionFall back.

They then searched for a name. They had thought of “Remastered” or “Warped.” Sooner or later, Holiday Hero came up with the name "FusionFall Legacy".  The team had some assets, and they went public. They couldn't make too much progress, sadly, and the group went completely dormant because the team was too busy to keep being dedicated to the project.

Around April 2014, a 'new' legacy group formed, which consisted of MarkDellort, To5Toi, Dante Alarid, and many others.  This group really didn't make much progress either, and the current progress they had wasn't the best. Kris689 managed to get Wilttilt a build of the version created by the 'new' FusionFall: Legacy team. Once Wilttilt got the version, he managed to spice it up within a day. That created a sudden boom in the old team, (Which consisted of Kris689, dex7322 and others) and they all really thought they could do it again. Once again, G0Dpanda, Jon Jones, Kris, Dex, and Wilttilt were working on the game at that point around summer 2014. 

Late September, G0DPanda, a valuable asset to the project, disappeared. After losing an essential team member, they team hired a programmer who goes by the name of "Funkse" to take their place. Funkse coded movement in a couple of days, and once again, the team became very excited. They really thought they could fully remake FusionFall. 

The team eventually got going, and after a few months, they finally went public once again. A year after that, they created a Facebook page that gained over 1,000 likes. Later on in development, the team hired some more staff, and here they are now. They initially planned for an alpha build to be released sometime late 2016, but it was ultimately cancelled in favor of holding tests for Retro. So far, the team has created many new areas, added features, and is overall shaping the game's world, while still keeping the spirit of the original game alive.