◉ Nano Information ◉
◢ Level ◣
Rocket - Self
Dexter provides Dexlabs gliding technology to extend your jumps.
Sneak - Group
The patented Dexlabs Inviso-Ray grants stealth to your entire group.
Recall - Self
Use Dexter's teleporter to return to a safe area of the infected zone.

Dexter is a boy genius and the protagonist of the Cartoon Network show Dexter's Laboratory. He is completely devoted to the scientific experiments he performs in his secret lab. Unfortunately, a normal day for Dexter usually includes some sort of catastrophe caused by his free-spirited but dim-witted elder sister, Dee Dee.

When not being utterly humiliated by his reckless sister, Dexter is usually bickering and battling with his evil arch-nemesis, Mandark, Dexter's rival in "science and other things." Mandark plans to destroy Dexter's laboratory so that he may be acknowledged as the superior genius. Dexter usually manages to outwit Mandark and foil his dastardly plans.

The FutureEdit

In FusionFall, Dexter has founded a scientific corporation that has completely reinvented the way that the Downtown area works; for instance, the Slider system that runs through both the Suburbs and Downtown was a major installation by Dexlabs. In the beginning of the game, Dexter, seen standing next to his robotic assistant, Computress, was preparing to send the player one day into the The Future in pursuance of his time machine experiment. Unfortunately, Dee Dee tampers with the experiment, causing the player to travel into a post-apocalyptic Future in which he/she has to battle to restore the status quo.

Dexter is one of the four Guides who provide players with mission tracks in the game, along with Ben Tennyson, Edd (AKA Double D), and Mojo Jojo. His missions revolve around finding the heroes that have gone missing during the war, such as Buttercup and Major Glory.

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