• L0rd 0209

    Unconfirmed Content

    July 14, 2017 by L0rd 0209

    I would like to remind everyone that certain elements from FusionFall have yet to be confirmed to return in FusionFall Legacy and that anything from Project R is not affiliated with this game. Unconfirmed content also includes any characters from FusionFall Heroes and cameos in the FusionFall Legacy Manga.

    If anything on this list has been confirmed, comment down below and it will be removed.

    • Agent Six
    • Alan
    • Albedo
    • Arbor
    • Abora
    • Bobo Haha
    • Chupacabra
    • Fionna
    • Goo (Manga)
    • Gunter
    • Ilana
    • Jamie (Manga)
    • Jeff
    • Lady Raincorn
    • Lance
    • Marceline
    • Megawhatt
    • Mitch (Manga)
    • Mordecai
    • Nergal Jr. (Manga)
    • Octus
    • Paradox
    • Rigby
    • Ship
    • Sour Ron
    • Stanley
    • Terrence (Manga)
    • Wisdom Tooth
    • Zon

    • AmpFibian
    • Ben
    • Captain K'Nuckles
    • Darwin
    • Ghostfreak
    • Gumball
    • Ice King
    • Jake
    • Johnny Bravo
    • Johnny Test
    • Mordecai
    • Princess Bubblegum
    • Rath
    • Rigby
    • Shn…

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  • Fusionwilliam

    I just remembered about FusionFall Legacy/Retro and I was wondering if we got anyone here from the Original FusionFall Wiki? I was an Admin on the OG FusionFall Wiki. 

    I'm 17 now and just finished my Junior Year at High School. 

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  • L0rd 0209

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  • YoungWessels

    So, since I'm the biggest contributor to this wiki at the moment, I figured I might as well jot down my notes and thoughts about what I'm doing next so that hopefully people help out.

    I finished creating show pages for all the shows currently represented in the game, although that really just includes a summary of the show and any NPC's currently announced. I plan on writing the known lore for each show, although I'm taking a break from that to do something perhaps more beneficial to the wiki.

    If anyone would like to help with any of the following, feel free to contact me.

    • My next big project is to add NPC infoboxes to all of the NPC's, similar to the ones on the original FusionFall Wiki, as seen for Dexter here
    • Write the known lore for each s…

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  • Innocent Mago

    Quick Introduction

    November 13, 2015 by Innocent Mago

    Hello Everyone! I'm Innocent from the Forums! Just in case if some didn't know who I was or why I randomly started editing the wiki lol. I was hired by Ekens to help around 2 days ago, So that's why I have been editing, I hope I didn't cause any confusion!

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  • Astriddelalcott

    Well, everyone, looks like the demo has been delayed until October, which I completely understand. But good news: the character creation is ready now, and the 'Play Now' button works. Additionally, if you save your character now, you get an exclusive hat later on when the demo launches, and when the full game is released you'll get the exclusive there as well! You can read more about that here. I'd love to see everyone's new characters. Feel free to send me your screenshots(Note you can change your character as much as you'd like before the demo comes out: I accidentally gave my character a random name at first!)! I can't wait to see what sort of characters you come up with.

    As for me, I decided to recreate my old character, Astrid Delalcot…

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